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A number of background papers were commissioned by the World Health Organization for the First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research. The goal of these papers is to initiate a dialogue on the critical issues in health systems research. Opinions expressed in these papers are those of the authors and do not reflect those of the symposium organizers.

The overall objectives of these papers are to:
1. synthesize state-of-the-art knowledge on accelerating progress towards universal health coverage generated through health systems research (HSR);

2. review state-of-the-art methods used in HSR;

3. explore how research in HSR can be strengthened i.e. methods, human resources, the knowledge generated, and the evidence-to-policy linkages, can be strengthened;

4. suggest where resources should be directed.
These background papers have been designed to help shape the priority agenda on the knowledge and methods necessary for accelerating progress towards universal coverage.

Background papers commissioned by the Symposium Secretariat


Title of the paper


Managing incentives for health providers and patients in the move towards universal coverage


Connecting the streams: using health systems research knowledge in low- and middle-income countries


The international political economy of global universal health coverage


What must be done to enhance capacity for Health Systems Research?


How to scale up delivery of malaria control interventions?


Integrating tuberculosis and HIV services in low-and middle-income countries: A systematic review


Delivering interventions for newborn and child survival at scale: a review of research evidence


The political economy of universal health coverage


Universal health coverage with equity: what we know, don't know, and need to know


Health workforce: the critical pathway to universal health coverage


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