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Increasing access to health coverage requires stronger health systems
Global symposium provides evidence on ways to expand health care to most vulnerable
Montreux Statement from the Steering Committee of the First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

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Welcome to the virtual press room for the First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research


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BMJ Group Blogs
Posted by Tracey Koehlmoos

From the first global symposium on health systems research
I am in Montreux with more than a thousand people from around the globe who do what I do, which is try to figure out how societies can best organise themselves to produce health in the population. >> Read..


Nov 22 2010
Posted by: Paul Chinnock

A personal view
Paul Chinnock gives his personal views on proceedings at the First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research held 16-19 November 2010, Montreux, Switzerland, which he attended "virtually" following the debate delivered online.>>Read...

Nov 19 2010
Posted by Patricia Codyre

Friday: closing plenary and Montreux statement After five days of keynotes, plenaries, concurrent sessions, satellites and informal discussions and debates, the Steering Committee recognizes that there is an enormous energy to move forward with a further agenda of action reflecting the spirit and commitment that brought participants to Montreux from Mexico and Mali.>> Read the statement in full ..

Nov 19 2010
Posted by: Paul Chinnock

Friday: first plenary
Srinath Reddy of the Public Health Foundation of India, who proved to be an excellent moderator, said the Symposium had already discussed, dissected and defined the problems facing health systems research (HSR). Now it was time for the meeting to come to the issues of stewardship, financing and capacity >> Read..

Nov 19 2010
Posted by: Kennedy Abwao

Africa: Global Fund impressed with intensified TB, HIV/AIDS fight

Nov 19 2010
Posted by: Alice Ghent

Behaviour, the key to systems thinking

Nov 19 2010
Posted by: Paul Chinnock

Thursday: afternoon plenary
Everything is complex -  the issues, the interventions, the study designs and the outcome measures. Our moderator Ties Borma, Director of WHOs Department of Measurement and Health Information gave us this warning at the start of this session, which focused on large-scale effectiveness evaluation. There is no doubt that he was correct.>> Read..

Nov 18 2010
Posted by: Tamer Aboalenin

Experts propose ideas for bridging gap of world health systems
Experts participanting in the First Global Symposium on health systems research in Montreux stressed on important role of scientific cooperation and funding practical projects to eliminate the gap in health systems and to face the challenges in the new century. >> Read ..

Nov 18 2010
Posted by: Paul Chinnock

Thursday: morning plenary
What methodologies are available to assist us in the task of improving health systems research and through HSR improving health systems themselves? This was the theme of Thursday mornings plenary session moderated by Peter Ndumbe, Dean of Medicine, University of Buea, Cameroon.>>

Nov 18 2010
Posted by: Karen Grepin

The long and bumpy road to Universal Health Coverage
The subtitle of the First Global Symposium on Health System Research, which is currently underway in Montreux, Switzerland is "Science to Accelerate Universal Health Coverage (UHC)"..>>

Nov 18 2010
Posted by: Paul Chinnock

Wednesday: afternoon plenary
We all need some kind of incentive before we change the way we do things. Researchers, policy makers and those who provide funding are no exception, and this session focused on what can be done to encourage them to work towards closing the research policy gap. >>

Nov 18 2010
Posted by: Paul Chinnock

Wednesday: morning plenary
Julio Frenk, who is playing such a major role in the deliberations at this meeting, started this session off with a keynote address - Health systems research for the 21st Century: the power of knowledge in an interdepedent world. His address subsequently referred to by other participants as inspiring, will probably be one of those statements that become referred to frequently by others in the years to come. >>

Nov 18 2010
Posted by: Alice Ghent

Mentoring a powerful tool for building HSR capacity

Nov 17 2010
Posted by: Kennedy Abwao

Ghana's tax-for-healthcare funding lauded at international research forum

Nov 17 2010
Posted by: Paul Chinnock

Tuesday: Closing plenary - health system financing
It is easy to say that policy should be evidence based, but often there is no evidence available. This was a recurring theme of the closing plenary session on Tuesday >> Read..

Nov 16 2010
Posted by: Paul Chinnock

Tuesday: Opening plenary
A skilfully chosen group of four speakers was brought together to address delegates at the opening session of the First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research. They represented, respectively, a UN agency, a donor nation, a small developing nation, and a private foundation. All of them, therefore, were examples of key stakeholders in the process >> Read..

Nov 16 2010
Posted by: Sam Loewenberg

Health Systems Research is underutilized and badly needed, says Frenk
The role of health systems research is "to make the invisible, visible", said Julio Frenk, the Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health, at today's concluding plenary session.  >> Read..

Nov 16 2010
Posted by: T. V. Padma

Alarming gaps in universal health coverage in sub-Saharan Africa
So why is the poor cousin of health research aka health systems research gaining global attention now?
Despite progress by a handful of middle-income countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand and South Korea towards innovative universal health coverage, thanks to a combination of political commitment and financial resources for improving national health systems, the rest of the landscape is bleak, to put it mildly >> Read..

Nov 08 2010  

Systems science and health
What is systems science? It has been defined as: An interdisciplinary field of science that studies the nature of complex systems in nature, society and science. It aims to develop interdisciplinary foundations, which are applicable in a variety of areas. Does it have any relevance to health care? >> Read..

Nov 05 2010

Finding a home for systematic reviews of health systems research
It is becoming accepted that public health decisions, just like clinical decisions, should be based on the evidence provided by systematic reviews. However, Tracey Koehlmoos (of ICDDR,B and BRAC University) wonders whether, those of us who conduct systematic reviews of health systems evidence might need new methods and perhaps a new home >> Read..

Nov 01 2010

A call for evidence-based health systems
The rise of the evidence-based approach and the increasing use systematic reviews has been one of the most conspicuous developments in medical practice in recent years. However, evidence-based methods have not as yet been applied to the same extent in public health. >> Read.

Oct 15 2010

Asking the patients
How are health systems performing? One way to find out is to ask the users of health services what they they think. This is what a team of Nigerian researchers did , in order to determine how malaria treatment services were performing and to find ways of improving them. >> Read.


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