Nila Heredia Miranda

Nila Heredia

Nila Heredia Miranda

Organisation: Andean Health Organization

Role: Executive Director

Nila Heredia Miranda, Bolivian physician, has a Masters in Public Health from Andean University, and is currently Executive Director Andean Health Organization until 2018. Previously Dr. Heridia was Vice-President of the Universidad Mayor San Andrés between 1988 and 1991, and Dean at its Department of Medicine from 1985 – 1988. She was General Coordinator of the Latin-American Association of Social Medicine (ALAMES) from 2009-2014; President of the Latin-American Federation of Relatives of Disappeared/Missing People by Military Dictatorships from 2004-2006, and also President of the Bolivian Association of Disappeared/Missing People in two opportunities. She acted as President of the Medical Association of the City of La Paz between 2004 and 2006. Dr. Heredia was Technical Director of the La Paz Departmental Health Service in 2004/5 and was and twice Bolivian Minister of Health and Sports (2006/7 and 2010/11) during Evo Morales’ Presidency.