Looking for an introduction to health policy and systems research? Start here!

What is health policy and systems research (HPSR)? Why is it vital for building and maintaining strong and equitable health systems around the world?

This short film by Health Systems Global and the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research addresses these questions and highlights the crucial roles that the generation and use of HPSR plays. It shows how HPSR informs and guides the development of policies and the implementation of interventions for stronger and more equitable health systems around the world.

Produced in collaboration with WebsEdge (Global Health TV), this short film is intended for interested members of the public, media, donors, NGOs, and for those teaching and learning about health policy and systems, as well as an advocacy tool to be used by members of the HPSR community.

The film includes contributions from members of the global HPSR community, as well as two examples from West Africa and South Asia that demonstrate the contribution of HPSR.

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