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Between 550 and 600 posters have been accepted for presentation during the Symposium, approximately one third each on 1, 2 and 3 October.

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Symposium Registration
All poster presenters must be registered to attend the Symposium.

Poster dimensions
Total poster size must fit within a maximum space of 2.25m in height and 1m in width. Any poster exceeding these dimensions will not fit the poster display board.

Production and transport
Posters MUST be printed prior to the Symposium. The presenter must transport all materials to and from the venue. It will not be possible to send the poster directly to the conference venue in advance of the Symposium. There will be NO printing facilities available at the symposium.

Design restrictions
All text should be in English. Efforts should be made to create posters that are as professional and visually appealing as possible. Posters that are clearly inappropriate – for example, using a font size that cannot be read from an arm’s length from the poster – may be removed. It is not acceptable to post the pages of a research article in place of a poster.

Daily schedule
Presenters are responsible for mounting and dismounting their posters during the designated times on the day of their presentation (full details provided by email at the end of July 2014). Velcro tape will be provided at each board and volunteers will be on hand to assist.
8:00 – 9:00: Presenters mount posters
9:00 – 18:00: Posters on display
11:00 – 11:30: Poster presentation
13:20 – 14:20: Poster presentation
16:00 – 16:30: Poster presentation
18:00 – 18:30: Presenters dismount posters
Any posters not removed by 18:30 each day will be placed in bins near the poster information desk. If they are not collected from the bins by 18:30 on Friday 3 October 2014, they will be removed and destroyed.

Fliers and hand-outs
Presenters are permitted, but not required, to stick an envelope with hand-outs or fliers on the poster boards, as long as it does not detract from the poster display. No hand-outs or fliers can be left on the floor around the poster display. The Symposium will not be providing envelopes or sticky tape for this purpose, the presenter must bring these themselves.

The poster boards will be set up in the conservatories of the CTICC. These will be marked in documentation participants will receive on arrival.

Poster competition
The competition has been initiated to encourage authors to present their work at the highest quality possible; enhance visibility of the posters; allow presenters to get oral feedback on their efforts; encourage networking and interaction around each poster through the discussion between the presenter, the judges and the audience.

How the competition will work:

  • Each poster will be scored by a pair of judges, based on the four following criteria:
    1. Contribution of poster to field of health policy and systems research (advances knowledge, presents novel ideas, presents unusual/interesting experiences)
    2. Clarity of messages in poster and verbal presentation
    3. Adequacy of argument to justify messages (appropriate use of international literature, conceptual material and/or empirical data)
    4. Overall visual impression of poster
  • Presenters will be given a half-hour time slot during which the judges will visit their poster. Presenters are required to give a two-minute presentation to the judges, then engage the judges and other participants in a three-minute discussion, including answering questions.
  • The three best posters will be identified for each day (in first, second and third places).
  • The winners will each receive a certificate and small prize and be publicly acknowledged during the symposium.
  • Winning posters will continue to be displayed until the end of the Symposium.

Poster Information Desk
A desk will be set up in the poster display area, managed by The Conference Company. Karen Daniels, the convenor of the poster displays, will also be available during the Symposium as will volunteers assisting with the poster displays whom you will be able to recognize by their shirts!

Tips for first-time poster presenters
We know that making a poster for the first time can be a daunting experience and so we have asked a few of our colleagues what advice they would give. Click here for personal recommendations and some useful references.

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