Core principles of the Symposium

The organizers aim to develop a programme that:

  • Is of the highest technical quality.
  • Encourages active debate through effective engagement. All organized sessions will be judged not only on technical merit, but on their innovative organisational arrangements, considering the planned roles for contributors and the potential for active engagement by session participants.
  • Is diverse and inclusive. Symposium organizers encourage all of the sessions to be organised in ways that are attractive to our diverse target audiences:
    • Researchers, policy-makers, health system and programme managers, and civil society participants;
    • Regular conference attenders and those attending one for the first time;
    • Residents of different geographic regions;
    • Those from different disciplinary backgrounds, including other sectors and fields relevant to the symposium theme.

We encourage session organizers to keep audience diversity and inclusiveness in mind as they plan who they directly involve as contributors to their sessions and who they aim to attract as session participants.