Manoj Kumar Pati

Manoj Kumar Pati

Manoj Kumar Pati is a public health researcher at the Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru. He has a masters in public health (MPH) in health system management. His research interests…read more...

How can we achieve sustainable implementation of service delivery programmes?

We are increasingly seeing several service delivery programmes running at country level, particularly in South East Asia. For example, in India, we have seen the implementation of many programmes that are top-down and vertical in nature. Citizen demand has never been considered while implementing social security schemes for health and different political environments present significant challenges for sustainable service delivery.

This was the context for the interview with Joseph Kutzin, the coordinator for Health Finance and Policy at the World Health Organization (WHO). Joseph is a health economist with over 30 years’ experience working across the globe.

1. What should country level government do to bring efficiency and integration into service delivery?

2. How should countries align citizen demand while implementing social security schemes for health?

3. How can these countries be efficient in sustainable service delivery while being in different political environments?

4. When it comes to implementation, what are the solutions for sustainable service delivery?

Image credit: DFID – UK Department for International Development, Creative Commons License 2.0