If you are less than 4 travellers it is more economical to use the Canada Line SkyTrain to travel from the Vancouver airport to the city centre. The cost is $ 7.75 CAD per person versus an estimated $ 30.00 CAD for a taxi.

Getting from the airport to downtown Vancouver

The SkyTrain is an efficient and cost-effective way to get from YVR/Airport to downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver’s SkyTrain connects you from YVR Airport to Vancouver City Centre (along the Canada Line) in about 26 minutes. The Canada Line YVR Airport Station can be accessed from both International and Domestic terminals by simply following the direction of signs that say “Train to City” throughout the airport. (For assistance in locating this Canada Line station, you can look for one of several Green Coat Volunteers located throughout the terminals)

 The first SkyTrain from YVR/Airport to Vancouver City Centre is at 5:07AM and the last train is at 12:56AM.

Where to buy your SkyTrain ticket

Sky Train Compass tickets can be purchased from Compass Vending Machines (CVMs). Note that Compass Tickets and Day Passes purchased from a CVM are valid only on the day they are purchased and expire at 4 a.m., even if they have not been used.

Pay for your ticket at the CVM ticket vending machines that are before the platform to board the train. These machines accept  Canadian coins and bills (up to $20). Debit and credit cards are accepted at most SkyTrain stations.

The CVMs are all touch screen. They will ask you to select how many zones you are traveling through. From the YVR/Airport Station to the Vancouver City Centre Station (which is near the convention centre)  you will be passing through two zones, so choose “2.” Once you have paid, a ticket will be dispensed with a paper magnetic strip on the back. The cost will be $7.75 Canadian per person.

To see the SkyTrain Transit Map, go to the page.

Taking a Taxi from the Airport to downtown Vancouver

The taxi fare from the airport to downtown can be based on a set Zone Fare Rate, rather than on the taxi meter.  The Zone Fare for Central Vancouver is $28 Canadian, (please add a small tip onto this fare) but you must confirm with your driver that this Zone Fare can be applied before leaving the YVR/Airport.

For further information on Zone Fares and additional charges depending on number of stops being made, see the page