The Global Symposium on Health Systems Research is organized every two years by Health Systems Global to bring together the full range of players involved in health systems and policy research and practice. Beginning with the First Global Symposium in Montreux in 2010, the Symposia have played a crucial, catalytic role in convening a global community dedicated to strengthening health systems and building the field of health systems research. Our Symposia are delivered with a set of core principles (PDF) in mind. Find out more about previous Symposia.

The Fifth Global Symposium

The Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (HSR2018) will take place at the ACC in Liverpool, UK from 8 to 12 October, 2018, bringing together approximately 2,000 health systems researchers, policymakers and practitioners from around the world. Read more about the theme of the Symposium – Advancing Health Systems for All in the SDG Era.

HSR2018 will be hosted by Health Systems Global, co-sponsors, supporters and a consortium of UK organizations led by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. In addition, a number of organizing committees contribute to the smooth organization and running of the Symposium. Find out more about who we are!

Why take part?

By participating in HSR2018 in Liverpool, you will be able to share your unique point of view and innovative ideas on strengthening health systems and engage in dialogue with a diverse community, ranging from high-level policy-makers, researchers and donors to practitioners and advocates on the ground. You will get the chance to:

  • learn from, and network with, leading experts
  • participate in skills building sessions
  • discover new tools that will help to increase the impact of your work.