The Local Organizing Committee welcomes you to Liverpool!

As we gear up for the start of the Symposium, the Local Organising Committee reflects on how, since May 2017, we have tried to bring a local flavour and interest to an international audience –  ‘local’ here means Liverpool and the UK – representing our consortium.

If you’re in Liverpool at the weekend before the symposium starts, be sure to catch a glimpse of the Giant puppets on their third and last visit to the city. But take note – the place will be very busy!

You will already by now be familiar with the famous Liver Bird represented in the symposium logo.  If you are a scholarship holder you may have come from the airport on transport funded by the city council, negotiated when the consortium bid to host the 5th Symposium.

If you are here on Tuesday 9th you will experience a variety of local culture. If you’re lucky enough to be one of the 20 people to join Professor John Ashton at lunch time for his public health walk, you’ll get a fascinating perspective on some of Liverpool’s ground-breaking public health work over the past couple of centuries. If you miss it, you can plan your own public health walk or visits in your own time.  In the first opening plenary you will hear local poets and see local dance at the Welcoming Ceremony, and hear local African bands in the welcome reception. And you may get the chance to try our local ‘scouse’ at the social evening.

From Tuesday afternoon, the entries to the photovoice competition, organised by members of the LOC in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University, will be on view at numerous places around the venue and for the general public – and you – on the big screens in the nearby Museum of Liverpool.

You may be participating in the poster competition – either as exhibitor or judge.  This has been organised by the LOC and has been a bit of an eye-opener into the amount of work needed to set this up. We hope to see an engaging and collegiate competition, and will announce daily high scorers as well as 3 overall winning posters.

To engage health service providers in the region, we have invited people from a wide range of health and health related organisations to do a 15-minute stand-up talk in the Community Corner located in the market place (Wednesday to Friday lunch times).  Do pop in to see what’s going on and look out for the programme on the app.

We’ve probably found the biggest venue you’ve ever eaten in for the Symposium social night where you will be greeted by local musicians when you arrive from your short walk or bus trip courtesy of the city council.  Be prepared for some lively after-dinner dancing!

We’re proud to support the development of the Emerging Voices programme and to host the 9 day programme and pre-symposium conference at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine just up the hill from the venue.

Finally, we’re pleased to add this to the Liverpool series of blogs that we’ve put together over the past year or so.

The Local Organizing Committee welcomes you all warmly to Liverpool!

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