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Health systems research is a field that takes on some of the defining concerns of our age – from breaking the barriers to access created by social inequalities, to reaching out across borders to those most in need of care, to harnessing the brilliance of technology so that more people can benefit. Every two years, communities of health professionals, planners, advocates and scientists engaged in strengthening health systems the world over come together for the Global Symposia on Health Systems Research, and share their experiences and expertise on these topics and more.

For the Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (HSR2018), which will take place from 8 to 12 October, 2018 in Liverpool, UK, we have identified the theme “Advancing Health Systems for All in the SDG Era”, in consultation with members and partners of Health Systems Global. The theme harks to the “Health for All” vision of the Alma Ata declaration – now in its 40th year but more relevant than ever today – while recognizing that there are also considerable new challenges as well as opportunities as we seek to realise this vision. The Global Symposium’s mix of participants, including policy makers, researchers, funders, practitioners, journalists and advocates from over 100 countries, will ensure maximum opportunity for translation of knowledge and learning for real-world impact.

There are many ways in which you can participate in the Fifth Global Symposium. Participants can share their research and practical experiences by submitting individual abstracts and organized session proposals, learn from and exchange ideas with top experts in the field, and participate in cutting edge dialogue and debate. Creative and interactive session formats will be encouraged. As always, there will also be a focus on developing capacity through skills building sessions. The Symposium will also invite submissions of films and diverse multimedia (past Symposia have featured popular sessions using photovoice and interactive theatre). We are also planning journal special issues and online discussions on the Symposium theme in the lead-up period. Do bookmark this website and also follow @H_S_Global on Twitter to track announcements on these different ways to participate.

Liverpool’s rich contributions to the field of health systems research over the years and its vibrant and multicultural local community make it a great home for the Fifth Global Symposium. Join us at HSR2018 and help shape the conversations and collaborations that will make a difference!

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