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Small delay in individual abstract notifications

Our HSR2018 scientific committee members have been very busy over the last several weeks reviewing and curating the nearly 3,000 submissions of very high quality individual abstracts.

Due to the volume of submissions, we are sorry to announce that there is a small delay in finalising these and informing those who have submitted abstracts of the results. The new deadline for notifying individual abstract submitters will be 4 May, 2018.

11 thoughts on “Small delay in individual abstract notifications”

  1. Dear Organizers, we would like to know if we would be notified about the results regardless of our selection.

    1. Dear Sumirtha, Many thanks for your comment. You should have been notified of the result on Friday, but I know it was taking a while for all of the emails to go out. If you have not received your result, please contact pwg2018@gmail.com. Many thanks, Leah

  2. Dear Organizers, I would like to know if we would be notified about the results regardless of our selection.

    1. Dear Venkitachalam, Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, anyone who requested a scholarship during the abstract process will have now heard whether or not their request for a scholarship was successful. If you requested a scholarship during the abstract submission process, but have not yet heard back, please email infoHSR2018@zibrant.co.uk. Many thanks, Leah

      1. Dear Leah,

        I had applied for the scholarship but have not received any update … I tried sending to the email id provided by you .. but the mail returned stating email id doesn’t exist .. have mailed it to AbstractsHSR2018@zibrant.com instead ..

        1. Dear Venkitachalam, I am sorry the email address didn’t work! Did the one you use get through ok? If not, I can follow up with some colleagues. Thanks, Leah

  3. Hey,

    I applied for the conference scholarship, but I haven’t heard anything from that side. I sent an email to the address you provided, but no one has responded and it is now over a week. Could you kindly follow up for me. My abstract ID is 607.

    1. Hi Zachepa, I am sorry you have not heard anything. I will chase this up for you and ask someone to contact you as soon as possible. Many thanks, Leah

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