Maternal Health Improvement Project Through Facilitating Community Health Workers in Kishapu, Tanzania

The Kishapu Maternal Health Project a district wide initiative (126 villages in 25 wards) with the overall goal to decrease the Maternal Mortality Ratio. Activities involve renovation of dispensaries, provision of electricity, water facilities, medical equipment, training health personnel in Basic Emergency Obstetric Neonatal Care, training of Community Health Workers and community mobilization.

The Photovoice study shown here was designed to increase awareness of maternal health through discussions of questions such as, ‘If you are a pregnant what makes you “unhealthy” in your community?’ and ‘What makes you hard to go to health facility?’ Since 2015, 33 villages and around 200 people have participated. The aim is then to create a social action plan and make changes at the individual, community and institutional level.

Superstition and customs related to maternal health which are socially prevalent acted as obstructive factors for women visiting health facilities even though pregnant women showed a willingness to access these services.  Photovoice was used to facilitate dialogue regarding these obstacles, enabling community members to reflect on their lived experience and indicating alternative future choices. 

Submitted by:
Good Neighbors International

Drawing Water

The woman in the picture is in 9 months pregnant. However she carries a bucket full of water on her head. There are many pregnant women who have to work for a coming baby like this mother even if their body protest with tiredness. They have to work without receiving antenatal care. This is not beneficial for both the mother and the baby.

Photographer: Monica Simon (2015 Songwa Village, Kishapu)

Measuring Weights

A pregnant woman is measuring her weight to check her baby’s growth. Through this, she can avoid dangerous situation which can happen during her pregnancy and delivery. Still there are many mothers who do not visit a hospital even when they are passing 7-8 months pregnancy. There is a desperate need for education.

Photographer: Magreth Wiliam (2016 Mwangh’alanga Village, Kishapu)

Visit to Health Care

It is important for pregnant women to receive antenatal care and postnatal care. I took the picture to inform this.

Photographer: Jesca William (2016 Somagedi Village Kishapu)

What is the Necessary and Dangerous Thing for Pregnant Women? (1)

Pregnant women have to visit hospital regularly to receive antenatal care more than 4 times.

Photographer: Sarah Raphael (2016 Ndoleleji Village, Kishapu)

What is the Necessary and Dangerous Thing for Pregnant Women? (2)

This is the way toward health care center. The road in my town is full of rock and rough. Pregnant women have to pass this road with bicycle. It is too dangerous.
Photographer: Magreth Willam (2016 Masanga Village, Kishapu)