The Journey to Community Living Through the Lens of the ‘Money Follows the Person’ Program Participants

The Money Follows the Person (MFP) program, established in 2008, is a Medicaid demonstration grant sponsored by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that provides states in the U.S. with the opportunity to rebalance long-term services and supports by transitioning individuals from institutional to community settings. Photovoice was added to an existing evaluation in Georgia to better understand participants’ perceptions of the impact of the program on their quality of life. 

From June 2015 to August 2016, five participants used photovoice to document their quality of life since transitioning from institutional settings to the community. The study sample included five participants, three females and two males, ranging in age from 38 to 64, and one individual had a developmental disability while the others had physical disabilities.

Themes from participants’ photographs and narratives identify programmatic successes, as well as the importance of continued support of long-term services and supports provided in home and community-based settings. Using photovoice, participants documented first-hand the drivers for transition, positive outcomes, and continuing challenges that reflect their perspectives on quality of life in the community.

Submitted by:

Kristi Fuller

Failure to Comply

This courthouse has caused more heartache than you could ever imagine. Not only has the courthouse failed to comply with ADA regulations with the only courtroom on the second floor and a gate style elevator that is unusable, they also have no handicap accessible restrooms. The worst part though is their beliefs in that disabled parents are unfit to care for their children regardless of what they have to offer them.

Photographer: Michelle


DFCS (Department of Family & Children Services) has wreaked havoc on my life and the lives of many others with disabilities. DFCS caseworkers have serious superiority complexes. They don’t consider a child’s emotional state. To them, if you have a disability, you are an unfit parent.

Photographer: Michelle

Home is Where the Heart is/Heaven on Earth

This is the apartment the MFP program helped me get and move in, so I could move out of the Health Care Center. I no longer wanted or needed to stay in the Health Care Center. I had no hope of ever living on my own again. MFP came to the rescue and helped me find an apartment, paid the deposit, and the rent. Thanks to the MFP program, I now live in my own apartment and am a part of and back in society!

Photographer: Tammy

Freedom Ride

To show off my Cadillac of a scooter that keeps me mobile. God bless my mother for buying me this for outdoor travel and Money Follows the Person for getting me my power wheelchair for indoor mobility. The neat thing about my scooter is that it goes up to 11 miles on a single charge so regardless of living in a bad part of town with most businesses boarded up, I can drive to areas with shopping and safety – “Freedom at Last!”

Photographer: Patricia

Shower Days

I can plan to have as many showers that I want. The photo explains that if you can do it yourself, why not? It’s just another form of independence! In the nursing home, you would be lucky to get two showers a week. With a rolling showering chair, it makes it easy for the caregiver to transfer you right out and back into bed with my rolling shower commode with a tilt and adjustable height chair (Shower Buddy).
Photographer: Yaser