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The deadline for skills-building sessions has now passed and we are not accepting any more applications. Additionally, all spaces for General Satellite Sessions have now been allocated. 

Satellite sessions of the Fifth Global Symposium will take place on Monday, October 8th and Tuesday, October 9th, 2018, before the full Symposium program. These are fully organized and coordinated by the host of the satellite session (government agency, institution, NGO, civil society, private company).

Satellite sessions allow organizations and groups to take advantage of the presence of all symposium participants in Liverpool. Some satellite sessions will be invitation only, however the majority will be open for all participants to join freely. Satellite session organizers are expected to determine if the session is open or closed.

There are two types of satellite sessions: general sessions; and skills-building sessions, which are fully subsidized by Health Systems Global (HSG).

General sessions

All spaces for General Satellite Sessions have now been allocated and we are not accepting any further applications.

General satellite sessions will be held at the Symposium venue, the ACC Liverpool.

General satellite sessions must address the broad theme or sub-themes of the symposium, and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The criteria for acceptance of general satellite sessions:

  • Subject addresses broad theme or sub-theme(s) of symposium
  • First-come, first-served until all available spaces are fully booked
  • Organizers are able to pay satellite sessions costs within the provided timeline in the invoice. Delay in payment may result cancellation of the booking and re-allocation to others
  • Session will bring together more than one of the Symposium target audiences (e.g. policy-makers, researchers, civil society), preferably from diverse regions
  • Session will enable active participation.

General Session applications will be open until May 1, 2018 or until all available rooms have been assigned on a first-come first-served basis. Proposals will be reviewed by the Program Working Group, and organizers will be notified on a regular basis.

General session fees (exclusive UK VAT)

The fee charged to organizers of satellite sessions depends on the size of meeting room required (number of seats) and the duration of the session. Lunch and coffee breaks are not included in the fee, but can be provided at an additional cost, if requested from the Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) via e-mail

Depending on a jurisdiction of a satellite organizer, UK VAT Taxes will be applied at a rate of 20%. 

Taxes will be reflected in the final invoice issued by HSG.

Skills-building sessions

The deadline for skills-building sessions has now passed and we are not accepting anymore applications.

In this Fifth Symposium, a limited number of satellite sessions are invited and organizers will not be expected to pay fees if the session focuses on skills-building. These sessions should be 120 minutes or half-day long workshops. These can range, for example, from participatory teaching around a particular research methodology or software for analysis, to a focus on innovative means of communicating results, working with the media, or having decision-makers and researchers work collaboratively. Sessions may take different formats, but the session participants should learn or practice specific skills. Therefore, please clearly explain in your submission the skill building goals and what skills participants will acquire.

Please follow the submissions guidelines for skills-building sessions below:

  • Title (maximum 25 words)
  • Duration (120 min or half day)
  • Language(s) (translation will not be provided; organizers can choose 1 language or can arrange translation themselves)
  • Thematic area, as well as field-building dimension, including:
    • Cutting-edge conceptual, empirical, and/or synthesis research;
    • Innovative research approaches, methods and measures;
    • Successful and/or novel strategies for developing capacity;
    • Platforms and mechanisms to share and translate knowledge; 
    • Innovative practice in health systems development.
  • The session organiser’s contact details
  • Contributors’ details: the session chair as well as a maximum of four/five named additional contributors, who will play active roles in the session
  • A 50 word overview of the organized session that will appear in the Symposium program with clear description of skill building goals and what skills participants will acquire
  • A 400 word (maximum) summary of the session content including: purpose/objective, technical content, target audience and significance for the selected thematic area and/or field-building dimension
  • A 400 word (maximum) summary of the session’s planned process including: short description of any presentations or inputs, the moderation or management approach of the session, the role of contributors – both those named in the abstract and any others with planned roles, and a rough breakdown of the program timeline.

Submissions for skills building sessions are peer-reviewed and evaluated competitively. Deadline for submissions is March 30th, 2018. Coordinators will be notified by end of April 2018.

In line with the core Symposium principles (PDF), reviewers will be asked to assess skills building session submissions on the basis of: (i) technical merit (for skills building); (ii) relevance to the Symposium theme; (iii) significance for the thematic area and/or field-building dimension (iv) engagement of relevant stakeholders and participants (eg students, junior or senior researchers, policy-makers, managers and civil society groups); and (v) potential for active involvement and learning by the participants.

Note that travel scholarships are not available to speakers in the skills-building sessions.

Audio visual needs and room setup

Rooms for satellite sessions are provided with the standard set of equipment required to run a session (projector and screen, microphone (limited number), computer for PowerPoint and/or video presentations). If you have special needs or requests, please make these explicit in your proposal. The standard satellite session room setup is theatre style. Any request(s) to modify the standard room setup will incur additional charges and will reduce the number of participants being able to take part in the session room. Such needs/requests must be clearly identified in the original proposal, to evaluate adequacy of the room. If the satellite session is approved by organizers additional requests need to be sent to the PCO via email at

Promotion of satellite sessions

Accepted satellite sessions will be listed on the Symposium web site, they will be included in informational emails to participants leading up to the session and they will be published in the official Symposium Programme and App. Session organizers are encouraged to advertise their session through other websites, listservs, etc. The Symposium Secretariat will not provide the list of all Symposium participants to any session organizers as we do our best to protect participants from bulk emails, and not to favour any session over another.