Scholarships for HSR2018

Health Systems Global (HSG) is dedicated to increasing participation and engagement of low- and middle-income country (LMIC) researchers, policy-makers and students in the Global Symposia on Health Systems Research. To achieve this, HSG is offering scholarships for eligible individuals attending the Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research. This page outlines the scholarship types and eligibility.

We are pleased to announce that, funding permitting, we are aiming to provide at least 250 scholarships for the Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research. HSG is grateful to the HSR2018 Symposium supporters planning to provide grants which will make these scholarships possible.

Scholarship Types

The following types of symposium scholarships are available:

  • Full Scholarship – covering almost all costs related to participation in the symposium
  • Partial scholarships – including virtually all costs, except the cost of international travel
  • Registration scholarships – only covering registration fees
  • Policymaker scholarships – funded through dedicated grant(s) from a donor and in close collaboration with the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research (AHPSR). The deadline for applications for the policymaker scholarship is 19 March 2018. Find out more and apply for a policymaker scholarship via the AHPSR website.


Information on eligibility for policymaker scholarships is available through the AHPSR website.

The following individuals qualify for full, partial or registration symposium scholarships:

  • LMIC country nationals working and/or studying in LMIC country are entitled to full scholarship, if their abstract has been accepted by the symposium Program Working Group for oral, multimedia or poster presentation;
  • Full-time students, irrespective of their nationality, studying at an educational institution located in a High Income Country are eligible to partial or registration scholarship, if they can prove their full-time student status and if their abstract has been accepted by the symposium Program Working Group for oral, multimedia or poster presentation in organized or abstract-driven sessions. Exceptions from this rule is only allowed if LMIC nationals-scholarship recipients studying at an educational institution located in HIC will produce:
    • i. evidence that they have made attempts to secure travel grant from an educational institution and/or from any other source(s) and were refused and/or a letter from an educational institution stating that the institution has no means/mechanisms offer travel support/grants to their students if the results of the scientific works are accepted by the symposium and if organizers provide partial scholarships and
    • ii. file official letter/request with HSG to replace their partial or registration scholarship. Such request/letter has to provide complete information about reasoning/justification and should include the evidence described under point (i) of this exception.

Individuals working in high-income countries, irrespective of their nationality, are not eligible for scholarship support from symposium organizers.

How to apply and timeline

Scholarships are applied for during the online abstract submission process (with the exception of the policymaker scholarship offered through AHPSR). During the abstract submission process, applicants are required to answer a mandatory question asking if a full, partial or no scholarship is required.

The deadline for individual abstract submissions as well as scholarship applications is 05 March 2018. Applicants will be contacted by the Symposium organizers in due course.

Should you have any questions, please contact