Akaki Zoidze

Dr Akaki Zoidze currently serves as the Chairman of the Healthcare and Social Issues Committee of the Parliament of Georgia. His professional experience draws upon: (i) previous public sector work for seven years as a Deputy State Minister (Prime Minister) of Georgia Deputy Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs, during which he led or participated in number of major health reform efforts in Georgia, including the wide-scale privatization of the health provider network and establishing a public private partnership in financing the medical insurance program for poor; (ii) consulting experience with international multilateral and bilateral development institutions, during which he participated in the implementation of the health policy reform initiatives in up to 20 developing and transition countries. He also serves as an invited lecturer in Health Policy and Systems at the International Public Health School of the Medical University of Georgia. His research interests include public-private partnerships in health financing, Universal Health Care, results-based financing, health system performance, etc.