Capacity Strengthening Sessions

Submission Deadline: April 30, 2022.

Capacity strengthening is a core element of our mission and related sessions have become a regular, and very popular, feature of the HSR symposia. Usually taking place in advance of the main conference days, these sessions have addressed diverse topics and provided important opportunities to share experience.

Our overall goal is to contribute to developing the field of Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR). We also seek to serve the needs of all our diverse membership, including decision-makers, practitioners, advocates, educators and researchers. We start with the understanding that there are three inter-linked layers of capacity for HPSR: individual, organisational and network. Whilst individual-level skills’ building is important, HPSR field-building will require CS activities that also address the organisational and/or network levels.

For the 2022 Bogota symposium we again invite abstracts for sessions that are directly addressing our community’s CS needs and that will provide opportunities to draw on our collective assets to learn from each other.

We encourage sessions that:

  • consider the organisational and network levels of capacity strengthening;
  • address audiences other than researchers/evaluators;
  • tackle topics other than those focused on research issues or methods (ex. teaching and learning, advocacy, leadership for learning health systems, and more)

Although we encourage these abstracts also to consider the overall Symposium theme and sub-themes, this is not a requirement for CS abstracts. Sessions should be 2 hours, 3.5 hours, or full-day workshops.

Assessment criteria for capacity strengthening sessions

Criteria for shortlisting

  • Relevance for HPSR and health system development
  • Clarity of learning outcomes & appropriateness for primary target audiences
  • Format and participant engagement – feasibility and likely engagement levels
  • Clear, useful and feasible outputs
  • Appropriateness of and diversity among session leaders

Criteria for final selection

Consider diversity in:

  • Area of focus addressed
  • Capacity levels considered
  • Target audiences addressed
  • Session leaders, prioritising LMIC leaders

Please note the application deadline of April 30, 2022 has passed.

For more information please contact Sarah Brown