The Private Sector in Health

The Private Sector in Health (PSIH) Thematic Working Group examines the growing role of the non-state sector in delivering health care to people in developing countries and the related challenges and opportunities.

If you would like to find out more about the TWG-PSIH and the activities we will be involved in at the Symposium, you can:

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  • Join us at one of the exciting sessions listed below

Official TWG Sessions

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Organised session

New post-COVID opportunities and challenges for private sector contribution to universal health coverage – Thematic Working Group on the Private Sector

In response to COVID many country governments and private providers have established innovative approaches for meeting pressing health needs and capacity gaps. This has involved new kinds of engagement between government and a variety of private non-state organisations. This interactive session will explore examples from different countries to identify lessons from this experience and challenges to be addressed in future strategies for strengthening mixed health systems.

Friday, Nov 04, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Level 2 – Room B/C

Business meeting

The Private Sector in Health Business Meeting


Thursday, Nov 03, 12:45 PM – 01:45 PM

Level 3 – Room K

Satellite Session

Contribution of the Private Sector in Health Systems Resilience and Reform: Stronger together beyond COVID

This pre-symposium brings together global policymakers, healthcare providers, researchers, students, and international organisations with the aim: 

– To discuss and share findings on private sector contribution to health systems resilience in a post-pandemic era in the areas of governance, technology, primary care and politics of health in LMICs 

– To learn from exemplar LMIC on market facilitation to improve learning in digital transformation, governance, and stewardship 

– To forge a new research agenda for private sector engagement based on mutual learning  


Tuesday, Nov 01, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Level 2 – Room B/C