Agora Bogotá Convention Centre 

The Agora Bogotá Convention Centre, located in Bogotá, Colombia, opened its doors in 2017 be a transforming axis of the city and become the epicentre of large conventions and events. It is strategically located 3 kms from the historic centre of Bogotá and 8 kms from El Dorado International Airport.  


Ágora is part of the innovation zone that links the Airport with the City Centre, based on the development of the axis on the Western Railway, a mobility corridor with associated residual spaces. These spaces create a large linear park that unites the north and south of the city on which nodes with different uses are developed, depending on their nature and power. 


Agora has been inspired by principles of transparency and luminosity and provides spaces that are integrated with the spectacular mountains that surround Bogotá.  

In October 2018 Ágora Bogotá – International Convention Centre became the winner of the Fernando Martínez Sanabria Award for Best Architectural Project and the Real Estate Excellence Award granted by the International Federation of Real Estate Professions FIABCI, cataloguing it as one of the most modern and country innovators. 

Sustainability Policies 

Ágora Bogotá is a building designed from the most important sustainability standards. Through apparently simple practices, it achieves significant resource savings, which enables the long-term efficiency of the building and, of course, the environmental balance in its immediate surroundings. These practices are carried out through recycling waste, intense use of natural lighting, natural ventilation, water reuse and controlled energy consumption.  

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Agora Convention Centre

Kindly go through the biosafety standards (which follow the guidelines of the national and district health and sanitation authorities) implemented by the Agora Convention Centre, to guarantee safe meetings and events. Safety protocols are outlined here (English and Spanish).